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      Mary Lynn Bradshaw

      Hello Everyone,

      This plugin is working very well, my only question is can we do Minimum Product Quantity for a specific product?
      Suppose I have a product X for which I want buyers to send me Enquiry of at least 10 packets of X.

      Actually on our woo-commerce store we are not using default cart features and all our business is Enquiry based, so whichever emails we get from “WCMp Catalog Enquiry” are used to contact the customer about payment, shipping etc.

      I have tried few “woo-commerce” plugins, they are not working with “WCMp Catalog Enquiry”

      Can someone can help me out with this issue, coding solution is also welcome, thanks in Advanced

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      Mary Lynn Bradshaw

      Hello Raju,

      Thank you so much for the code, it’s working as expected with minor changes as per my need
      Following is the final modified code

      add_filter( 'woocommerce_quantity_input_args', 'woocommerce_catalog_enquiry_quantity_product', 10, 2 );
      function woocommerce_catalog_enquiry_quantity_product( $args, $product ) {
          // $product is an array with various product attributes
          // like $product->id, $product->slug
          // you can use below console.log to see all product attributes
          // and choose the suitable attribute to add in following if statement
          // echo '<script>console.log('.$product.');</script>'; // Uncomment this
          // Remove "&& $product->id == 99 || ! is_cart() && $product->id == 116" to activate it for all products
          // you can update this if statement as per your liking with product attributes you will get using $product array
          if ( ! is_cart() && $product->id == 99 || ! is_cart() && $product->id == 116) {
              $args['min_value'] = 10; // Minimum order quntity
              $args['max_value'] = 100; // Maximum order quntity
              $args['step'] = 1;
          } else {
              $args['min_value'] = 1; // For other products keep the Minimum order quntity as 1
              $args['step'] = 1;
          return $args;

      Mary Lynn

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      @Mary Lynn Bradshaw, great to know that 🙂

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