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      I’ve configured Live Chat on our marketplace to use Messenger.
      It’s setup correctly from the Vendor’s profile with page id and all but the issue is that the Chat function on the product page only works when the visitor is a logged in marketplace user.

      I would very much like it to also work for anonymous visitors.
      Anyone who knows how to fix this issue?

      We do not have a staging environment at the moment for testing purposes.

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      hello !!! thank you for connecting with us .
      can you please let us know which live chat you are using tawlkjs or Facebook

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      It’s configured to use Facebook 🙂

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      As per our default flow user has to be logged in to communicate with the vendor.
      We will check the possibility and add the flexibility on our future update.

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      That decision would make sense when using the Talkjs option, but when using the Facebook option, I don’t see it making sense that the user should be logged in.
      It’s pretty critical that our customers can chat with our vendors so I would appreciate if this is being prioritized 🙂

      Also, do you have in scope to add other options than only Facebook and Talkjs?
      Facebook is an additional platform our Vendors need to maintain and Talkjs is reaaaaaaaaaaaally!!! expensive being subscribed to..
      Were there really no other cheaper alternatives to start off with? There must be a bunch of providers out there.

      Best regards

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      Kevin, we will check with the team whether this can be added soon.
      Regarding other chat options, we do have plans to integrate Firebase. But this will take a good amount of time.
      We will keep you posted.

Viewing 5 reply threads

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