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      Jane Vennersdorf


      i earlier had an issue where 2 month trial period was not working because after one month all vendors where made pending because they hadnt payed yet, also in the membership list it said next payment was after 1 month only even though there is a 2 month trial period.

      You “fixed this” and sent an updated plugin to me so it would work, and i thought it did because it was showing correct dates in the membership list.

      But it turns out that was only a visual fix because now the vendors are being thrown back to pending again after one month, because it wasnt fixed for the database.

      I will attach 3 screenshots of the same user, showing the id of the user and the next payment date as it is in the membership list and as it is in the database.

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      @Jane Vennersdorf, we have put some memberhsip orders on the test. My team is checking this. Kindly provide them some time.

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      @Jane Vennersdorf, I tested the flow on our end, as you can see after the trial period ends, the next payment for the plan is charged and the vendor is also active: https://watch.screencastify.com/v/MN9yJqATEFYPBYo2nFbU

      Vendor Member list: https://prnt.sc/3z0wILtAbkBb
      Vendor’s status: https://prnt.sc/OxPYeF0V9ZO6
      Stripe Payment Details: https://prnt.sc/Vk6ZIbGPboaR

      Memberhsip Plan details : https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/30457767?key=984df50ff7d8a6aac396bb844af624c3

      So, please do check your stripe account and see whether the plan is paid again after the trial period.

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      Jane Vennersdorf

      Hi again,

      i think you misunderstand me, the problem is not with payments or with stripe, the problem is with the dates when having 2 months trial.
      Because after ONE month the vendors are being put to pending vendors, but in Stripe the payment is not coming until 2 months because there is 2 months trial.

      And in the database the Next payment date table is only set 1 month after purchase even though there is 2 months trial.

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      @Jane Vennersdorf, the team will look into the code.

      In the meantime, I will test this on my end with 2 days trial and one-day recurring. Let’s see whether I can also recreate this.

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      Jane Vennersdorf

      Any updates on this?

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      Can you please with a new product/plan with an updated version of the membership plugin (updated version 2.4.4)? We don’t face any such issues on our end.

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      Jane Vennersdorf


      it was already updated, i have also tried to create a new membership product now, but the issue is the same.
      even though i have set 2 month trial, next payment date is set to 1 month after in the DATABASE

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