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      Hi guys,

      I have been testing your marketplace plugin with your MangoPay gateway for a few weeks now and i am quite enjoying it, except that i am facing 2 irritating problems :

      1) When a client proceed to checkout, he receives the ‘order confirmation’ email even before entering his card information, and the vendors receive a ‘new order’ email as well

      2) If a payment fails, it doesn’t change the order status in my backoffice, it still appears as ‘processing’ and i am not notified of this failure

      I expect that client and vendors receive their respective emails only when the payment is succeed, and in the case of a failed payment, I would like to be notified and that the order status changes to ‘failed’

      If you could have a look at this or if you have a solution to fix this, I would greatly appreciate it

      Many thanks in advance

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      Hi @jordan, sorry to hear that you have faced these issues.

      Our team is looking into this.

      As soon as I will have an update, will let you know.

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      Hi, thanks for your quick answers

      I have tested your updated plugins and here are the results :

      1) client and vendors don’t receive mail before even entering card information anymore, which is good

      2) But if a payment fails, my order still appears as ‘processing’ instead of ‘failed’ and I am not notified of this failure
      Furthermore, now on the mangopay payment page, if the client click on ‘cancel’, he is redirected to the thank you page and his order status changes from ‘pending payment’ to processing’ even if he did not pay, meaning him and the vendors will receive an order confirmation email even if nothing is paid, which is not good

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      Hi Moumita,

      it is slightly better, now the order doesn’t change to ‘processing’ unless there is a succeed payment, but it remains ‘processing payment’

      there is still issues with :
      If the client click on ‘cancel’ on the payment page he is still redirected to the thank you page, is it possible to redirect him to the cart page for example instead ?
      And to be perfect when he click on cancel or if his payment failed, the order status should change from ‘processing payment’ to ‘failed’ or ‘canceled’

      I really appreciate your help !

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      Hi @jordan,
      As per our current flow if the transaction failed/cancel then we redirect them to the thank you page. Actually, we didn’t add any code to redirect pages. Normally it redirects to current pages. So if you want to modify it then you have to ask mangopay for help.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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