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      Hello !

      Is there a way to redirect what the admin earns directly to the “collected fees” (that’s how it is nammed on MangoPay’s dashboard) instead of letting it on the admin wallet ?

      example :
      My revenue sharing is 80% for vendor, 20% for admin
      how it works today :
      if someone pay 100 on my website, 100 go to the admin wallet, then a few day later 80 go to the vendor and 20 stay on the admin wallet, and my collected fees on MangoPay are still 0
      what I would like :
      if someone pay 100 on my website, 20 go directly into collected fees, 80 go to the admin wallet, and a few day later these 80 go to the vendor

      At this moment keeping admin fees and vendor fees that are waiting to be sent in the same wallet is a bit confusing, furthermore each month what I owe to MangoPay is debited from these “collected fees”, it would be very enjoyable if these collected fees could be credited automatically

      Many thanks in advance for your help

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      Hi @jordan,
      Actually, it needs a good amount of time. For that, we need to communicate with MANGOPAY that they support multiple user transactions at the same time or not. Then We will do the further enhancement.

Viewing 1 reply thread

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