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Item variations not shown on invoices Resolved

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      Makes the packing slip useless if it can’t be used to put the correct shirt size in, for example.

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      @admin24, we do show the variation inside the packing slip, as you can see here –

      Please make sure the order is also displaying the variation with the product name, only then the same will be displayed.

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      Take another look at your video please.

      The SIZE is not showing in the packing slip, exactly like I told you.

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      @admin24, The reason SIZE is not displayed inside Order, because this is not preset by vendor/admin. Menas, cust0mer has selected that option from Single Product page.

      If you refer to this scrrenshot:, the colors are preset, hence WooCommerce displays that with product name: When a user selects the attributes manually, those are added as order meta.

      Now, if you want to display inside the PDF invoice, packing slip, then you may add custom code. If you want, our team will help you out with the hook/filters.

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      Ok yes. Even in your case, that vendor would need to have the size printed on the packing list, or it doesn’t really do anything for them.

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      @admin24, our team is looking into this.

      I will keep you posted.

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      Hi @admin24,
      Use this code in your current active themes functions.php file for display extra variations.

      /** Extra field display on pdf invoice **/
      add_action( 'before_wcmp_pdf_invoice_template_item_meta', 'variation_product_extra_variation_fields' , 10 , 3 );
      function variation_product_extra_variation_fields ( $hook_data_pdf_type, $item, $hook_data_order ) {
         $hidden_order_itemmeta = apply_filters(
                  'wcmp_vendor_dash_hidden_order_itemmeta', array(
             'Sold By',
         if ( $meta_data = $item->get_formatted_meta_data( '' ) ) : 
            foreach ( $meta_data as $meta_id => $meta ) :
               if ( in_array( $meta->key, $hidden_order_itemmeta, true ) ) {
               <li class="item-meta"><span><?php echo wp_kses_post( $meta->display_key );  ?>:</span> <span><?php echo wp_kses_post( force_balance_tags( $meta->display_value ) ); ?></span></li>
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      I also just noticed that the billing address is on the packing slip instead of the shipping address….

      It looks like that works pretty well on the PDF invoice. How can I also make it work on Packing Slips?

      As an aside, it also is helping me hide other unwanted meta data from the invoice by putting in that meta name. Awesome. I also have this meta showing in the items ordered box, is there a hook to also make it work there?

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      Our team will check this.

      I will keep you posted. Kindly provide us some time.

      p.s. Our office will be closed due to holidays (4th to 10th Oct). Hence, the response might get delayed.

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      WCMp Admin

      Hi @admin24, Override wcmp_packing_slip_first_template.php template by copying it to yourtheme/wcmp-pdf-invoices/wcmp_packing_slip_first_template.php

      Then add this code after line no 71 :

      <?php do_action( 'before_wcmp_pdf_invoice_template_item_meta', $hook_data["pdf_type"], $item, $hook_data["order"] ); ?>
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      We’re all good! Thanks for your help with this, can close please.

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      MOUMITA Haldar

      @ admin24,

      Great to know that 🙂

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