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      I thought I should open a new thread about this because it’s very important and other users need to know this.

      We have now updated to the latest version of Stripe Marketplace for SCA payment compatibility.

      WCMP mentions in this thread “Hi, with SCA stripe has restricted multiple transaction for an order (i.e. it now supports transaction with customer to one vendor)”

      Stripe have told us separately that they can still support multiple vendors per order but you have the impression that it cannot, I guess we’re stuck with this method because you own and update the plugin code. Due to this change we now have the following issues:

      1. Charges

      With the new payment flow, Admin accounts are now charged the Stripe fee, I was advised by WCMP that we can pass-on these Stripe charges to Vendors by adding commission charges – we now have this working: https://wc-marketplace.com/support-forum/topic/100-of-funds-going-to-admin-not-vendor/#post-136888

      But looking at the balances and payments now, because an order for two vendors is now one payment via Stripe, not multiple, the Admin account is being charged once for the order, not once per vendor. So using the above method, the admin account will for example be charged 1.4% + 20p for the order, then in turn charge 1.4% + 20p to each Vendor in that order – effectively making a small amount of money from each order that contains more than one Vendor. This might not be a huge issue but it effects the admin finances and how the site’s charges work in principle, so we will now have to inform all our Vendors of this change and this is an issue for us because we promised not to add any fees to what Stripe charges.

      2. Refunds

      Due to the payment flow now working differently, an order payment is made between the Customer and Admin. Only the admin account now has customer details visible from each transaction, the vendor used to be able to see these and potentially interact with the customer using these details (you mention that the OrderID will replace the long-string reference in an update, this will identify which transaction is linked to which order). This affects who is the Data Controller in this transaction which is important for Data Protection protocols.

      Now if a Vendor wants to refund an order, unless I am missing something they can only refund the payment made between the Vendor and the Admin.. because that’s the payment that was sent to them (not directly from the Customer). I have tested refunding orders via Vendor’s dashboard – the amount the Customer has spent is never refunded to them, only to the Admin.

      So how do refunds now work? Previously a Vendor could refund a payment directly back to their Customer. Now would the Vendor need to refund the payment to the Admin first, then manually inform them to further refund their part of an order to the Customer? This is a step backwards and adds more administration to running the site. Previously Admins didn’t have to get involved in the refund process at all, it was all done by the Vendors.

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      @MisterS, I just need one small piece of information regarding what is the charge type, are you using? This way we can assist you accordingly.

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      @moumita I am using the only charge type that is now available with the latest version of Stripe Marketplace: Separate Charges and Transfers. The other two (Direct and Destination) are greyed out.

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      @MisterS, Thanks for the information.

      As you need to use Separate Charges and Transfer (as you are using SCA), hence as per stripe’s code admin will receive the whole money from the customer. That is why the vendor’s commission will be paid from the admin’s stripe account.

      therefore, you have to manage the refund policy like this. So basically, you need to make sure that your vendor will refund the amount to you first. Then you can release the refund to the customer.

      I am afraid there is no other way around here, as stripe itself doesn’t support one too many Payment using Separate Charges and Transfer

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      @moumita OK we’ll have to think of a different plugin for our sites in the long-term then, it’s a shame as we have spend hundreds of hours tweaking yours, but we can’t use it long-term now due to these issues caused by now limiting the charge types available.

      I have just chatted with Stripe support again and they assure me that all three types of charge type work with SCA payments, not just SeparateChargers/Transfers if you’re using the latest available version of their API. They see no reason why Direct charges would now not work with SCA
      transactions the same as they were being used by your plugin previously.

      You could have kept using Direct and Destination charges when updated for SCA. This would have kept us as a customer long-term. Your older code for Direct charges split orders into separate payments per vendor (single user transactions) and this would still work, not sure why this has changed now.

      PS You should definitely update your Stripe Marketplace information page – it still says you can choose between all three types of charges. It should also mention how refunds work because if I was a new customer who purchased licenses for WCMP then only found this out afterwards, I would have liked to have known this before spending much time developing it: https://wc-marketplace.com/product/wcmp-stripe-marketplace

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      @MisterS, let me consult with my dev team, about whether the current stripe API does support this.

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      @MisterS, we are in touch with the Stripe team regarding the API doc.

      Once we will gather all the information required for this, we will let you know

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