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Issue: Parent Order Failed -> Processing Doesn’t Sync Open

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      Andrew Austin


      I am experiencing an issue where the parent order fails (due to the Woocommerce Stripe Gateway, the customer payment fails and then is resolved, updating the parent order status to Processing) but the sub-order remains failed. Due to this, the vendor believes the order has failed and does not ship, however the customer has been charged.

      Please see this video: https://s.austin.yt/5zuAn2zP

      I appreciate any assistance you can provide.

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      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      May I know if you have checked marketplace plugin with WooCommerce and standard theme (storefront/twenty). Please deactivate all your plugin, except WooCommerce and WCMp + addon. You can then check the flow. If everything is working fine, in order to detect which plugin is causing conflict- please activate each plugin consecutively and check the flow.
      Similarly, for theme conflict- please deactivate the current theme and check with standard WooCommerce theme (storefront/twenty) It is suggested to please perform these tests on your staging website and keep us posted with the outcome.

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      Andrew Austin

      Thank you for the reply. I have attached my video to this reply in case you are unable to view my link.

      I just attempted your troubleshooting steps, I switched to a default theme and disabled all plugins except: WooCommerce, WCMP, WCMP AFM, and Stripe.

      I was able to reproduce the issue still, it does not appear to be a plugin or theme conflict.

    • #116358

      our team is looking to it and will update you by tomorrow.

    • #116396
      Andrew Austin

      Okay, thank you. This problem is urgent as it is preventing the launch of our marketplace. We appreciate the assistance you can provide.

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      By default flow, if the parent order is marked processing after failed, the suborder needs to be manually updated to processing by the admin.

Viewing 5 reply threads

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