I saw that you wrote that the Ocean build fits your plugin

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I saw that you wrote that the Ocean build fits your plugin Resolved

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      It seemed to me that I had seen a WP Ocean pattern fit for your plugin (I can’t find it now and I may have been confused)
      . I just wanted to ask why the preview, of that template, for each product, has the caption of the report, but the preview button doesn’t work.
      The reporting button is basically an addition that comes from your product.
      I think what needs to be either a button or it will work. But why is there a button that doesn’t work?
      Is there a solution to fix this?

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      Hi @MOSH111,
      We haven’t checked the compatibility of WP Ocean Pattern with WC Marketplace.

      So, can you please explain the issue in more detail. Proper videos/screenshots will be more appreciated.

      Looking forward to your co-operation regarding the same.

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      The problem is as follows: 1. You have next to each product a button of abuse reporting. (This appears only on the product page, but not in Archive view). 2. There is a button next to each product (in Archive view) in an ocean format (comes by the template) for “preview”. 3. In the preview there are several buttons, such as the “category” and “plug-in” buttons, and “Add to the Wish list”, as well as the name of the button that comes from your plugin “report abuse.” 4. All other buttons in the preview are tested by us, and everyone works as they work on the product page. 5. But the button reported abuse only and does not work, it does not respond when clicked. 6. I think that a live site that has the buttons that don’t react shows the site a bad look. 7. My request as follows: or the button will stop appearing there. Or the button will continue to appear but is also active. Sincerely

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      @MOSH1111, can you share some scrrenshot so we can help you out accordingly.

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      Attached file with emphasis on report button
      Thank you

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      @mosh1111, thanks for explaining this further.

      Yes, the Report abuse only works in the single product page.
      As the quick view is added by the theme, hence to add the support for Report Abuse needs some custom code.

      Can you please contact the theme author and ask them how we can add this support.

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      MOUMITA Haldar

      Hi @mosh1111,

      I presume that your issue is resolved, since, we haven’t heard back from you.

      We are marking this thread as resolved.

      Kindly open a new thread if you face any further query.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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