How to hide this text from vendor invoice?

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How to hide this text from vendor invoice? Resolved

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      My vendor system work well now. But, when I try to create automatically vendor invoice, there is any code showing at invoice page like this

      _vendor_order_item_id : 115 _vendor_item_commission : 64000 Sold By : fashion.retro1 _vendor_id : 7 commision 64000

      How to hiding this code from my vendor invoice?

      Please check my attachment too


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      Hi @yamahawzrm1, sorry to hear that you have faced this issue.

      Are you using WCMp PDF Invoice? In that case, can you please share your order number with us, so we can help you out accordingly.

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      Hi @Moumita

      Actually I didn’t use invoice plugin from WCMp. I using WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes and Shipping Labels plugin from WebToffee. But the plugin also connected with WCMp vendor system. So, every product order in vendor page recorded in this plugin and will automatically created for vendor invoice.

      What I should be to do for solve this problem?

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      @yamahawzrm1, we haven’t worked with this plugin, hence we are not sure, how this plugin works.

      It would be better if you contact that plugin author, as they know the plugins code. If they need any help from us, let us know. We will definitely help them out.

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      Hi Moumita

      I’ve contact the plugin author. He giving me some code to remove showing metadata in invoice page. It’s work, so I see the invoice page like what I want to see now.

      This issue solved

      Thanks for your advise Mrs Moumita 🙂

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      Great to know that @yamahawzrm1

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