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How to hide elements in vacation plugin? Resolved


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      I have the vacation plugin installed but it never really worked. Therefore I have a lot of fields that vendor can put some text in, but it will never display anywhere.

      I would like to only show those that actually work, which is the checkbox for closing down shop and the text to display on button. Can I limit the text to show on that button as well, then it would be great.

      Please help me hide/remove the other ones, since I don’t want to display the text: “Please don’t use this one, cause it is not working” on all the other ones.

      If I can use those two options alone, then it would be sufficient.

      I did remove some of it with CSS, but it is not that pretty…


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      Nah it did not work with CSS….

    • #50279

      @Michaelgimm, can you please translate that page into English and share the screenshots mentioning the fields you want to remove.

      Looking forward to your co-operation regarding the same.

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      Sure. You have some of it in your documentation:, though it is missing 1 of the fields regarding “set number of days for the notification…”

      The other ones I have marked with green (keep) and red (delete).

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      @Michaelgimm, In order to remove these fields you have to override the “wcmp_vendor_vacation_settings_template.php” template file and remove the line number :
      – 26-31
      – 38-44
      – 52-128

      You will get the instruction inside this template (via WCMp_vendor_vacation >> template ) file on how to override this file.

      Let us know if you need any further help.

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      This is cool thanks.

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      One more question. Vendor is able to remove the “Buy” button, by clicking the “Would you like to avoid any purchase on holidays”. This is a good feature and it works that way, that vendor must click the dates he is on holiday for disabling buy button on products. This makes sense.

      But what about the other functionality with the text on the “Add to cart” button text? I would like it to display/not display the same way that the first one does. The risk by the way it works now is, that vendors might forget to remove the text (cause they have to delete the text), and then the text would still be visible on button, even though they have returned from holiday.
      What do you think about that?

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      @Michaelgimm, if the option “Would you like to avoid any purchase on holidays” is enabled, then there will not be any Add To Cart button at all.

      However, the display of the add to cart button text depends whether the vendor has selected any date from the calendar (we have added this checking from version 1.1.3). Only then the changes will be reflected on the shop page.

      Let us know if you have any further query.

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      You are right, this solution would be great. I run version 1.1.3 and made this little video for you so you can see how it works on my site:
      …cause it does not.

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      @Michaelgimm, as you can see this flow is working properly on our end –

      You can check the same in our demo too –

      Now, I am sharing the updated version with you, can you please check if this is working on your end.

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      This one works really great! But it is version 1.1.7 and the previous one I had downloaded from your homepage/my account was only 1.1.3?

      Anyway, is this the official update, or will you push this update later?

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      @Michaelgimm, the current version is 1.1.7

      You can download this version from here directly –
      Or you can simply update the plugin from your site directly.

    • #50766

      haha 🙂 It would be really nice to be able to update WCMp plugins on my site like I am able to with ALL other plugins 🙂
      But as I have told you many times, WCMp plugins, and ONLY WCMp plugins can’t be updated like all other plugins and I never know when a new version is available. Only WC Marketplace (core plugin) works.

      But I will download new plugin from your link. Thanks.

    • #50868

      @Michaelgimm, generally due to a server issue, you may face updating released issues. However, we have added you in our lists, whenever we will release an update, I will let you know over email.

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