how can i use a calendar with wcmp for sold items

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how can i use a calendar with wcmp for sold items Open

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      hi team, i would like to know how WCMp can help sellers to use a calendar to fix a date for the shipping products ?

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      Hi @ludo5n-4480, thanks for getting in touch with us.

      We will definitely help you out. But can you please explain the workflow of this calendar so we can assist you accordingly.

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      a client wants to buy a product, the client can choose the day he can be shipped by the seller , because the seller go to client’s home for the delivery

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      @ludo5n-4480, I am afraid we don’t have any such option.

      However, you can do custom code and add this. You can get the coding reference here : https://wc-marketplace.com/tech-blog/add-new-tab-in-add-product-page/

Viewing 3 reply threads

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