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      I am using the pro version on this website currently –

      As you can see I am linking to a page that I have put the wishlist on up in the top right-hand corner

      I was wondering if there was a way to check whether there were any items in the wishlist or not and change the way the wishlist icon displays?

      All would need is a bit of php that basically says:

      if wishlist items equals greater than 0 then <do this thing>

      Previously I have asked this question here and given the response to use: WC()->cart->get_cart_contents_count( ); however this isn’t what I am after. This tells me how many items are in my woocommerce cart. What I need is a way of recalling how many items are in my Cataloguw Enquiry cart

      Thanks in advance

      Thanks in advance

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      Hi @alexanderjdance, nice to hear from you again.

      This thread might be able to help you out further –

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      MOUMITA Haldar

      Hi @alexanderjdance,

      I presume that your issue is resolved, since, we haven’t heard back from you.

      We are marking this thread as resolved.

      Kindly open a new thread if you face any further query.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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