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      Hi Team, we are using WC 3.01 to setup a multi-vendor ecom website where the frontend will not reflect any of the vendor details but the products will be sent from multiple vendors. This plugin has been a great-help; although since the upgrade to 3.0 we are unable to remove the Vendors tab on the product page. I’ll try edit the page template manually, but seems like this option doesn’t work even if the legacy options plugin is added.

      However, the primary issue for us has been in figuring out the India GST calculation. The various vendors are in different states and of course so are the customers. We are trying to find a solution wherein the GST split would be provided if they are both in the same state, and as a single iGST if they are in different states. It’s pretty straightforward when we calculate using the woocommerece store address but I’m not sure if it’s possible to use the vendor store address to make it calculate between the Customer and Vendor address and display automatically the split of the GST.

      Do any of your premium plugins help with this? Or is this perhaps possible by default and I’ve not configured it right?

      The test site is at

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      Hi @joshuare, Thanks for reaching WCMp Support!!
      We have looked into the settings of Legacy, there is an issue that is why the settiings is not getting reflected. We will fix this in our next update of Legacy.

      For now, kindly modify the legacy-frontend class line no 22. replace with

      add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', array($this, 'wc_remove_product_tabs'), 999);

      Alternatively, you can also add this CSS to remove the vendor tab :

      .woocommerce-tabs li#tab-title-vendor { 
          display: none;

      Regarding the GST settings, we will soon start working in the new tax flow, where tax will be calculated as per vendor’s zone’s tax rule or admin and vendor’s tax also can be calculated as per their tax rule.

      Let us know if you have any further query.

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      Thanks much! Amended the line no 22 on legacy frontend and got the vendors tab removed.

      I’ll wait for an update to the tax calculation.

      Would it be possible to have both Tax and Shipping to be calculated individualy by taking into account the vendor’s shop/warehouse address instead of the central woocommerce address?

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      The shipping gets calculated as per each vendor’s rule (vendor can set the shipping rule/rate via dashboard >> Storefront >> Billing). But, the current flow calculated the tax based on either Admin address/customer.

      However, as shared before, we will soon start working on the tax based on vendor’s location.

      We will keep you posted.

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      I’m looking at other options for a multi-vendor woocommerce set-up and these are 2 main things I need: Shipping & Tax rates based on vendor location.

      I have been trying to get this done with Dokan Multi-Vendor but they have been saying for years that this is in the works. I wonder if this is something to expect from you guys in the near future? Fingers crossed.

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      WCMp Admin

      @shaundefense Thanks for reaching WCMp Support!!

      As shared in the above thread, we will start working on the new TAX / GST flow. Once, we will complete on the PayPal for Marketplace plugin, we will start working on this new tax flow. In fact, this is one of our main features we will soon add.

      It might take some time, as we have to do a thorough research on how to handle this flow which will be applied to most of the country’s tax structure.

      So, here we need your help with these details of the tax flow you are looking for, that would help us further.

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      Hi, you can let vendor set tax per product, this way vendor can set GST based on their location.

      For further help, please check this coding help-

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