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FIX YOUR Forum! Resolved

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      i cannot add reply it says its a duplicate content.

      From mobile i cannot read anything it’s not shown normally your forum.

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      Hi @dekaepta, we have fixed the mobile view issue.

      Please check.

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      Whats worng with the replies?

      i cannot reply to some threads

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      MOUMITA Haldar

      @ dekaepta,

      We already respond to our queries in the support forum via our mobile, did not faced any such issue.

      As you can see, our replies are posted properly.

      Now, if you are facing any issues to post in the forum using your mobile, kindly mail us at

      Let us know if you have any further query.

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      I presume that your issue is resolved, since, we haven’t heard back from you.
      We are marking this thread as resolved.
      Kindly open a new thread if you face any further query.

Viewing 4 reply threads

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