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      I noticed over the weekend when a customer made 2 failed orders and then 1 successful order, that even after the main order failed the suborders for the 2 failed orders remained pending. This led to the vendor having incorrect data about his sales.

      There is actually 2 issues here.
      1: The suborders have the incorrect status (sould of course be the same as parent)
      2: Suborders in ‘pending’ status show up as sales in the reports, and the vendor could easily mistake these pending orders as successful and thus mistakenly send or hand over products to customers that haven’t paid for them.

      From my standpoint both of these issues need to be fixed ASAP.

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      @netlet, thanks reporting this issue. Our team is looking into this.

      You can keep track of this from here –

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      Thanks, I am following updates on Github.

      There is also a related issue, where the vendor email is sent out for pending orders, when the main order fails…of course I do npt want to “fool” my vendors that they got a sale if the order failed!

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      @netlet, do you want to stop all the failed order email or only the suborder email?

Viewing 3 reply threads

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