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      Hi, How does the Facebook Messenger feature work? Could you update the guide to show that too.

      We want to reduce spam messages going to vendors. How to restrict this to
      – logged in users only or
      – only those who have already placed an order.

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      @inkanov, sorry for the inconvenience.

      We will update the document by tomorrow. In the meantime I am sharing the Facebook chat guideline here : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zdnzr8IQkypJSwYdvvooBjhDYDv5cQUpb-JQrQu51XU/edit?usp=sharing

      Also, only a logged in user can place the order.
      However, messaging is not restricted for placed orders only. In our future update we will work on this.

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      okay thanks. Look forward to your future update on messaging restricted for placed orders only

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      Sure we will keep you posted.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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