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      is it possible in WCMp to export the vendors data?

      I would need those data for all vendors:
      WCMp -> Vendors -> Store:
      – Address
      – Country
      – city
      – zip

      This data I’m trying to pass to another plugin (a locator / map plugin).

      Is this possible?


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      Hi @itunes_schreiber, thanks for reaching WCMp Support!!

      You will get all these data from the database, however, there is no such export function that you can use to get those vendor data.
      Although, you can definitely do a custom code and create an export flow, which will fetch the data from each vendor_id.

      If you need a reference of hook/filters, let us know.

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      Thanks for the information.
      Can you may tell me in detail where the data are located in the database?
      Because I wasn’t able to find them in the database.


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      @itunes_schreiber, you can fetch the data from the vendor’s user_id, as we save these data in the user_id.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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