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      Leo Scaravilli

      Good evening,
      I am setting up an online shop, which should have the option for some products to be able to sell, and also send an enquiry.
      How can I set up the enquiry option as a variable in a product, on the same dropdown option?

      (I’m using the WordPress Theme Avada)

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      Good evening.
      As you need the enquiry option for specific products (i.e. variable products), then you need to use our option “you want to exclude any product/category option from enquiry Make sure to exclude only simple products, so enquiry option won’t be applicable for them”. Here you will also be able to do that using this plugin.

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      Leo Scaravilli

      Where do I find that option? and where/how do I define that it should be a variable for a Product in WooCommerce?

    • #133053

      Go to Settings of Catalog and scroll to Exclusion tab.
      Once in exclusion tab go to “Product specific exclusion” and select all the simple product which you want to exclude from enquiry. (see screenshot- https://scrnli.com/CukAFi8nwm9J5a )

    • #133057
      Leo Scaravilli

      I still have the problem, that I first need to INCLUDE the enquiry option in the single product page: https://ba8ttfg.myraidbox.de/shop/unkategorisiert/tischkicker/

      Is it possible for it to be included on the dropdown menu, which is a variable for the product?
      For it to be an extra button beneath “add to cart”. Which is the functional shortcode that I can use?

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      Leo Scaravilli

      In other words, what I need is, that you can either BUY the product, normally via the WooCommerce Shopping Cart -OR- send a multiple inquiry via Woocommerce Catalog Enquiry Pro.

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      Hi, as you are saying you need to enable enquiry for the variable products that means you do not want enquiry for other product types.
      In that case you need to enable the enquiry button for all products first and then you can exclude the product types for which you do not want the enquiry (see screenshot – https://prnt.sc/26d2z49 )
      You can exclude specific products or if you wish you can also exclude the product categories which you do not want enquiry for.

      For this product, as you need to display enquiry button, then please make sure that this product is not added under exclusion list https://ba8ttfg.myraidbox.de/shop/unkategorisiert/tischkicker/

      Also if you wish to enable multiple products enquiry then enable the option ( https://prnt.sc/26d2zor ) from here.

    • #133228
      Leo Scaravilli


      “Enable Multiple Product Enquiry” is activated, and no product is in the “exclusion” page.

    • #133235

      You have to add products in the exclusion tab manually.

    • #133238
      Leo Scaravilli

      I don’t want any product to be excluded. This is not the issue.

      The problem, is, that there is no option/button to add a product in the “enquiry list”, in the Single Product Page.

Viewing 9 reply threads

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