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      Dear WCMP team,

      I recieved an e-mail regarding SCA after a payment test in live mode.

      Mail content from Stripe was like below:


      Thank you for choosing Stripe! We’re writing because we noticed your account is impacted by a regulatory requirement called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). SCA requires two-factor authentication on many payments in Europe. Payments that are not authenticated are at risk of being declined by your customers’ banks.

      Your account has payments (like this one) in live mode using the Charges API, which does not support the authentication requirements of SCA. We recommend using one of our SCA-ready integration paths to avoid more declined European payments.

      After this e-mail I reached out to Stripe support team and I got this answer from them:

      (01:01:38 AM) Efren: Yeah, SCA authentication is not working on your Stripe account.
      (01:01:44 AM) Efren: I wish I could be of a bit more help here, but since WCMP built their integration with Stripe, they’ll be best able to help you with this directly.

      Would you please help me through this issue?

      Thanks in advance.

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      WCMp Support

      Hi @burakakyildiz,

      Aplogies for delayed response, somehow this thread was in was spam folder. Team will get back to with a feedback at earliest.


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      It’s okay, I’ll be here for your solution if there is some problem.

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      Fantastic Kuhu

      Hi @burakakyildiz, WCMp Stripe Marketplace has an option to enable the SCA, you can activate this option via WCMp >> Settings >> Payment >> Stripe : https://prnt.sc/trshr9

      Can you please check whether this setting is active in your site. Please do keep us posted.

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      Hi Kuhi,

      It’s enabled since the first second of installation.

      For your information.

Viewing 4 reply threads

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