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      I do not want to fix these at my clone site, I want to fix that to my LIVE Site please, because I am facing problems. I have backups, do not worry for that also.

      My 2nd issue is that Vendor does not receive emails about order status updates about a new order. When a customer pays for a product, then site admin and customer are informed about the order through emails.

      I login as admin, and I change the Order status to “Processing” and Vendor receives NO emails. That happened after updating the plugin to the latest version, if that helps.

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      Hi @Kyriakos, by default WC Marketplace sends vendor new order mail, you just need to make sure this email is active via WooCommerce >> Settings >> Email:

      However, after that, if you change the order status, the vendor won’t get any emails. As now each vendor has full controll on their order status management i.e. they can change the order status via their own order page.

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      Very thank you for that.

      It was an issue with our email sends. We fixed that with an SMTP plugin.

Viewing 2 reply threads

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