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      Hello, I bought the vacation plugins to find out that the opening hours are not displayed on the vendor’s page ?

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      Hi @play.castilla, sorry to hear that you have faced this issue.

      Can you please share a temporary admin, vendor and ftp access so we can look into this.

      While sharing the access, don’t forget to mark the response as private.

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      I should have been more precise based on your answer, I meant in vendor’s boutique, as far as I see it, the vendor sets the opening hours but the customer is clueless and only finds out, if he/she can’t make any purchases. am I missing something ? what could be the trick to have the opening hours displayed on the vendor’s boutique ?

    • #95569

      @play.castilla, do you want to display the opening and closing hour in the vendor’s shop page?
      Well, we will add this feature in our next update.

      We will keep you posted.

    • #95613

      Do you have an Estimated time for that ? if it’s too far in the future, I may as well ask for a refund, vendors will be asking what’s the point of spending time entering the opening hours, if no one else but them can see them. I will disable the plugin in the meantime, it’ll save me time by not having to answer why it’s not displayed anywhere.

    • #95614

      And yes in the vendor’s page, the smartest move would be a widget though.

    • #95633

      @play.castilla, we are hoping to release this within this month.

    • #95670

      Any betas available ? would be up for it.

    • #95675

      @play.castilla, this is still under development.

      Once this will be ready, I will share you the beta version.

    • #97048

      I haven’t heard back from that, I guess I’ll ask for a refund, this plugin being useless to me in its current stage.
      I’ll look from time to time if progress have been made on that.

    • #97095

      @play.castilla, we are scheduled to release the update with this feature next week.
      After WCMp version 3.5, we were working on this.

      I will be able to share the beta version with you by Next week. Kindly provide us some time.

      Apart from the display shop time, are you facing any other issues or do you have any query?

Viewing 10 reply threads

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