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      How can I disable the automatic email sent to the Vendor when an order status was changed to cancelled?

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      Hi @odedtalmon, we don’t send vendor new order email, hen the order status is canceled / Failed. Can you please make sure you are running the updated version of WCMp and check again.

      Please do keep us posted.

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      Hello, the Vendor contacted us saying he received this email.
      During the testing process I realized that if we use Woocommerce stock management and the user gets to checkout and doesn’t complete payment then the order that was created for him will be automatically cancelled after a defined amount of time, for us it was 30 minutes.
      Now, if the user completed the order after 30 minutes, the order would not change to Completed even after successful payment, so we decided to remove the stock management for now.
      I assume this is somehow related to that issue.

      I’ll run some tests and try to keep you updated of the result.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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