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Dashboard Vacation Calendar – strange month order Resolved

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      With the turn of the year or the last plugins updates, the vendor vacation calendar at the dashboard became very strange on my site, duplicating some months and excluding others. This is how the months are ordered at my vacation calendar:
      – November 2018
      – January 2019
      – January 2019
      – March 2019
      – April 2019
      – May 2019
      – June 2019
      – July 2019
      – August 2019
      – September 2019
      – October 2019

      What’s causing this? How can I have the calendar with all 2019 months? Can you help me?

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      @prodrigues500, thanks for reporting this issue.

      We will fix this in our next update, which will be released tomorrow.

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      @prodrigues500, we have released an update today (version 1.1.7), with this fix.

      Can you please update the plugin and check if the issue has been fixed.

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      Thanks for the quick answer. I’ve updated de plugin and the issues I’ve reported have been partially solved. There aren’t repeted months anymore. But the year months range is still strange:
      – Starts on November
      – Finishes on October
      Can it be fixed?
      Best regards

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      @prodrigues500, currently we are displaying the last 2 months and next 9 months in the calender. Hence, on February, you will see the calendar starts from December’18 to November’19.

Viewing 4 reply threads

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