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Critical error and admin transfer fails Resolved

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      Hello !

      I recently migrated my website to a new server, and since then I am facing some troubles with the wmcmp-mangopay plugin :

      – The payin part works fine, but the transfer from the client’s wallet to my admin wallet doesn’t work anymore, checking the logs, it seems that it try to do a transfer with an amount of 0 from client wallet directly to vendor wallet, without passing by my admin wallet first, that trigger an error ” [DebitedFunds] => the value cannot be 0.” and then try another transfer with the right amount from client wallet to a wallet that can be found which causes an error “[CreditedWalletId] => Wallet not found”

      – When I try to mark a comission as paid, it results with a critical error on my website, here looking at the logs, it seems that the admin wallet can’t be found again and it triggers a critical error

      all of this seems linked with the plugin not finding my admin wallet id anymore, any idea how I can set again this id in the plugin ?

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      Fantastic Kuhu

      Hi @Jordon,

      Apologies fir the delayed response, as technical team is away during the weekend. Once the team is back, we will look into this op priority.


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      Thanks, let me know if the team find some solution

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      Thanks for your help Raju, everything is working fine now

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      Thank you Jordan, we are marking this ticket close. Please feel free to open a new one for further assistance.

Viewing 5 reply threads

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