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      I use wcmp for my website, and now i need create API for my mobile apps
      on the website, the flow is, user register with email and password and the role is customer, and then the choose become vendor to be a vendor/merchant.
      I have problem with “Create Vencor” wcmp API, should I input the email field again? when I input the same email with user existing, the result is error, “message”: “Sorry, that email already exists!”
      Please help me! Thanks!

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      @regina, as per our current flow, a non-logged in user can register as vendor or vendor can update their details via API. So, another customer role won’t be able to register as a vendor.

      However, we will look into this, whether we can other roles can also register as vendor via API.

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      so i need use update vendor API for become vendor featured?

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      How to create vendor, when user already login?
      I use API create vendor but it need input email, in wcmp flow, firstly user register as customer and then they are will choose become vendor to be a vendor. So, when I use API create vendor, the email already exist. Please explain me how to become vendor using wcmp API.

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      @regina, our team is looking into this.

      Once we will add the support (if possible), will let you know.

      Please provide us some time.

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      @regina, We have added the fix in our last git update:

      So, after downloading the plugin from here –, follow these steps :

      – Delete the installed WC Marketplace via wp-admin >> plugin
      – Unzip the GitHub plugin
      – Rename the folder as “dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor” and remove the master tag. Now, zip this folder again.
      – Install this plugin on your site.

      We will release the same in our next update also.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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