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      Ok, I’m officially not happy with your product. Not only does my vendor registration form not work, but your core plugin is causing issues by not allowing my website to cache. I tried 4 different caching plugins (WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Comet Cache) and finally, I thought well maybe I need a paid version, so I bought WP Rocket, one of the most highly touted caching plugins for WordPress on the market. (Look it up.)

      I was getting so frustrated that I spent $250 to have a Codeable tech look at it. He went through my site with a fine-tooth comb and the only thing he ended up doing to make caching work was to uninstall your core plugin. That fixed everything. So something in your plugin is blocking caching and that’s not acceptable. I can’t use ANY OF YOUR PLUGINS and that’s a big problem after spending what I spent on them.

      Not to mention, my vendor registration form has not worked since the beginning. I put in a ticket for this over 2.5 weeks ago and have yet to get a resolve. I’ve reached out at least 5 different times by updating my ticket and by clicking the little email icon and sending in a message.

      Here’s the real problem, I spent $350+ on your add-on package and now it’s all a waste because I can’t make your core plugin work. I either need a full refund (because again, NOTHING has worked right since I installed your plugins) or I’ll be forced to take action. And here’s why. It’s because I have advertised that my website is becoming a marketplace on March 1st, 2020. So now I have to come up with another solution.

      And one other thing, your support is terrible (no offense to anyone in particular) Think about it for a minute, if you have a person trying to run a business using your plugins, you really should have a better customer support plan. For premium members, like the ones who buy your add-ons, you ought to guarantee a 24 hour response time. AT LEAST!

      Bottom line is, I really full refund for the add-on packs. I’ve wasted the last 2.5 weeks obsessing over why my site was so slow and it was ALL because of your core plugin. I think in this particular case, giving me a refund is the right thing to do. It would give me my money back so I can buy another solution. I hope you will do this.

      I eagerly await your reply

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      @jamiegrichards, first of all, we are really sorry to hear that you have faced these issues. Somehow we didn’t receive any notification regarding this thread:

      However, we did fix the issue with registration form and informed you the same via our chat:
      We did check the whole registration flow and didn’t face any issue.

      Regarding the cache issue, may I know exactly what issues are you facing so we can help you out accordingly.

      I understand that you might feel frustrated, however, we never keep any issue unattained. we always try out best to fix all the issues within 6*7 hours, because we understand all our users runs a marketplace.

      So, Jamie, I will request you to check the registration flow again. Also, explain the issue related to cache, so our developers can check that for your sire. Customer satisfaction one of the priorities for us. So, all we need a little bit co-operation from your end, and I promise you we will take care of each issue with top priority.

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      Thank you for your reply. The main thing I’ve been the most frustrated with is the timely responses. I need support to be there when I need you guys. I don’t know your plugin like you do.

      I have currently uninstalled your plugins and I’m not having any more issues. But I will try to install them again today and I’ll send you results before and after.


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      I have some great news. I found the proper caching plugin and balanced my optimization with Cloudflare instead of just relying on this plugin for caching and minification, and I’m not having any issues now.

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      @jamiegrichards, Great to know that the caching issue is resolved now.

      Let us know if you need any further help.

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      Hello @jamiegrichards,

      I use wp rocket, cloudflare and keycdn.
      My vendor dashboard is too slow. So I checked that wp rocket cannot cache, cannot concat css and js files and cannot use cdn.
      How did you solve caching problem ?
      I don’t have any issue about other page in my site. But vendor dashboards is too slow.

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