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      Victor Bel

      Unfortunately I am again forced to write about plugin errors.
      The buttons are gone. Instead, only text.

      The text of the button itself in the settings and in reality is different.

      Also, setting the button color turned out to be useless.

      See screenshots.

      Also, the transition “Back to tariffs” in the tariff description does not work. For some reason, the transition is carried out to the seller’s dashboard.

      And that is not all. If I make a short or long description in the tariff, then it is displayed for the client in two places. It is not right. See also screenshot.

      To be honest, this is a very crude plugin. You urgently need to fix all errors. The buyer shouldn’t do this for you.

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      Hi @Victor Bel, sorry to hear that.

      However as you are using different language, hence please share a temporary admin, ftp access. So our team can check and resolve those issues.
      While sharing the access don’t forget to mark the response as private.

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      Victor Bel

      Hello. Did you get my private message with FTP?

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      Victor Bel
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      Victor Bel

      Are you trying to sound stupid on purpose right now? This is not the Chinese version. It won’t be like that with me. Look at the screenshots carefully. I’m not a parrot to write the same thing 10 times. ATTENTION! See not only the short description, but also the full description below. You didn’t go down on the video below. Why? I showed in the screenshot that the upper description is duplicated from the bottom. If you make the description short, then why does it appear in the full description? And vice versa. Second. Did you change the button? Why didn’t she work before? Please let everyone know that you are making a new version that will be fixed. You make a raw product and charge a lot of money for it. Be so kind, do the test 10 times. And once again: I want my site to be like this: 1. If I make a short description, it was at the top (not at the bottom!). 2. If I make a long description, it should be at the bottom (not at the top!). It is ok. If this is not the case with you, let us know in the description of your product.

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      Victor Bel

      let’s do it again. You can add or remove any information.
      Do this: add a short description. Why does it appear in the long description?
      Add a long description. Why does it appear in the short description?
      Fix it.
      You can’t do your job badly.

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