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      Hello, please tell me if there is any code (shortcode) with the condition:

      If I am in the product card “Product 1” from “Vendor 1” then this shortcode will show me all the products from “Vendor 1” marked “with a discount”. Or are all the recommended products only from this vendor? How is this implemented by WooComers?

      For example, I have 300 vendors, and if I write a wokomers shortcode for each product card with each hand, it will take a very long time.

      Ideally, this would be to insert the shortcode into a specific field of my page template and then it would work itself, determining whether this is really the page of “vendor 1” and, if so, show his selection of products with a certain condition.

      Is there such a solution? Maybe this has already been implemented but I don’t know

      thanks for the help and great plugin

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      Hi I.gan, there is no such ready-made shortcode or custom code for this.

      However, if you want our team will share the coding procedure. But in order to assist you with this, please do let us know exactly where do you want this feature.

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      thanks for your support

      If it was possible to arrange this in a shortcode, I myself could display it in certain places on the product page.

      and so, ideally, be able to reflect this information in the product card in woocommerce_after_single_product_summary

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      This will require a good amount of custom code and it is a very time taking process.
      You need to do custom code on your end.
      However we can assist you with coding procedure.

      But for that you have to let us know in which page you want to add the changes.
      Kindly share a screenshot where you want the customisation and also let us know in details so that we can help you out further.

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        Hi, thanks a lot for your support

        I understand about the shortcode, thanks.

        At the expense of coding:
        I know you have such an item in the plugin settings that I can choose to show recommendations only from the vendor or show recommendations from the entire site – now I show recommendations from the entire site. But how else can you display the list of recommendations of this particular vendor additionally?

        For example:
        Recommendations from the supplier (vendor): (This supplier recommends his products) and there is a listing of what exactly is marked in the recommended from this supplier (whose product card).

        Site recommendations: (standard wokomers recommendations) and listing of goods.

        Now, in theory, I can put in your settings the display of product recommendations from the vendor.
        And below add a shortcode of recommendations from the store. – but I’m worried that the recommendations from the vendor and the recommendations from the wokomers (from the shortcode) won’t add duplicates.

        I mean – that the umbrella product from vendor 1 will not be duplicated in both recommendations. So I am asking, do you have a special code?

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      @l.gan, kindly provide some time to our developers, so they can help you out with this.

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      Using below function you can get all vendor product id :

      $vendor = get_wcmp_vendor($vendor_id); //vendor id here
      $vendor_products = $vendor ? wp_list_pluck( $vendor->get_products_ids(), ‘ID’ ) : ”;
      print_r($vendor_products); //vendor product id


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      Thanks a lot for the code.

      I still have a question about the vendor’s recommended products. I temporarily settled on the solution to show recommendations only from the vendor (see the settings screen)

      Did I understand correctly that it will show all vendor recommendations from all categories?

      For example: if I am on the product page of the category: Men – Clothes – Jeans. What can I see in the recommendations the products of the vendor, women’s category and children’s category?

      How can I show for the Male category – only male products (which the vendor recommends). For the children’s category – only children’s. And for the Female category – only female.

      Please help, thank you

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      To find out the product id’s as per product categories kindly follow this link – https://www.businessbloomer.com/woocommerce-get-return-all-product-ids/


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