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Chained product csv column name

Chained product csv column name2019-01-11T13:55:19-05:00

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Chained product csv column name Open

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  • webmaster.mid
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    I’m using wcmp import x export with csv files. It is working fine. But I’m also using the chained products feature.

    My doubt is how to set a product component in Excel table so when I import the .csv file the chained product is already complete.

    I’ve tried to set a Json in the cell, put an array on it… but it didn’t worked.

    I couldn’t even find the correct name of the column where I must insert components or parent product.

    How should I set this column? May usou help me, please?


  • NerdySupportExpert Moumita
    Post count: 4600

    Hi @webmaster.mid, thanks for the query.

    I would request you to import a chained product from admin end. Then follow the csv structure of that product and create a csv applying that.

    After that import that csv from vendor end and check.

    Keep us posted.

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