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Bulk action for invoice and packing slip from vendor dashboard Open

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      George Do


      Is there any way to offer the bulk download of the PDF Invoice and PDF Packing Slip to my vendors the way that it is in the bulk actions in the admin panel? It would be really helpful for vendors.

      Even if some custom code is needed, can you point me in the right direction or give me a snippet for how I can hook the admin bulk action handlers into the frontend bulk actions dropdown?


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      Hello George.Thanks for reaching to WCMp support team.

      Currently vendors can download the PDF Invoice and PDF Packing Slip per order only.

      However , we are in process of adding the bulk download feature of the PDF Invoice and PDF Packing Slip on our next update.

      We shall keep you posted.

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      George Do

      Hi Moumita,

      That sounds nice, but it doesn’t help me. I need this soon, or the plugin is no good to me.

      Can you please tell me how I could modify the vendor dashboard bulk actions so I can call the admin bulk download handler from the vendor dashboard? It’s ok with me if there are issues, as long as I can download things in bulk. I can take care of additional customization for my situation.

      Or – if you have a development version that has bulk downloads but it’s not completed/tested, can you share a development copy that I could look at for reference so that I can figure out a patch for my situation until your update is released?

      Finally, when do you expect the update to be released?


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      Hello George, I understand the urgency.
      The dev team will get back to you by Monday regarding the further procedure on this.

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