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BUG – Updating parent order doesn’t update sub orders Open


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      Gaurav Bordoloi

      When we update any parent order, it is not updating the sub orders.
      Recently I did the following :
      1. Changed parent order from Cancelled->Processing, On-Hold->Processing, It didn’t changed the status of the sub-orders.
      2. I added some new items in the parent order, the sub orders was not updated with the new items.

    • #96195

      I reported a similar problem here.

      To my mind wcmp should update sub-order from main order on any fist step until order is PROCESSING.

      And complete main order order should inherit from sub-orders:


      But it is a tricky subject and wcmp workflow may be at least very very pricesely documented.

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    • #96203
      Gaurav Bordoloi

      You mean, WCMP will only sync the parent and sub for the first time. For the rest, we need to do it manually using hooks? @nerdy ? Give me a confirmation, If yes I will start coding for the hooks, else I will wait for you guys to fix this.

    • #96283
      Gaurav Bordoloi

      I added the hooks as mentioned , status is being synced now. But what if I add some new items in the parent order or the sub order? Those are not getting synced. What should I do for that?

    • #96346

      We have the same concern.

      We would need to make a complete workflow.

      To my mind:
      Woocommerce order status should be
      FAILED / ON HOLD only for MAIn ORDER: That mean that those Status SHOULD NOT be Changed in Seller Frontend: eliminate option do change those status in Seller front End. Seller will still see status in order list but should not be able to change it until Main order is processing

      Today: there is no SHIPPED status, and uSeller have to MANAUALLY mark order as COMPLETED. The
      A very good improvment of this process could be:
      Add a new order status “SHIPPED” when Seller declare sub-order as shipped (either informing Tracking data, or manually).
      Some marketplace owner may want to Autocomplete Seller Sub-order when declared as SHIPPED An Option to autocomplete the sub-order when marked as shipped would be nice (as far as i remember it was working this way in previous WCMp version).

    • #96369

      Hi @admin@mid, we will definitely look into your suggestions where vendor can’t change the order status for canceled or failed.

      Now for the Shipped status, please note WooCommerce doesn’t add any such order status. However as a workaround, you can mark the order as complete if the vendor provides shipping details. This flow does require some custom code. If you need reference of hook/filter let us know.

    • #96381

      @Gaurav Bordoloi, Our team will look into your issue.

      I will keep you posted.

    • #96386

      1/ just ro be more precise: sellers should not be able to use status pending, on-hold, failed or processing as those status concern main order and are driven by payement automation Or site owner.

      The case of processing status is a bit more tricky as payement gateway set p’main order as processing but seller should be able to came back to processing if he turn order to completed bu erro and want to go back to processing for any reason.

      2/ Please let me know code/hook/snippet that would allow to complete sub-order when informung tracking data.

      3/ SHIPPED status: indeed this is not a core function of wc but many plugins like well known « yoast seo local » use it. Any way it woudl be a good improvment to set order ready to be picked up.

    • #96387

      Shipped status is quite well documented here:
      Shipped / ready for shipping seem to be necessary in many cases.


      Due to function « inform tracking number » wcmp may use it as an i termesiary status for shipped order.

    • #96579

      @admin@mid, our team will look into this.

      Kindly provide them some time.

    • #96621

      Ye, This is much need feature where vendor should not be able to change the order status for canceled or failed or on-hold,

      Just like they can not able to change status when ORDER is marked Completed.

    • #96774

      @nikhilpbhoyar, @admin@mid, as this needed some custom code, hence it will require some time.

      As soon as I have an update from the dev team, will let you know.

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