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      How can I as administrator determine the shipping fees for each vendor?

      Where can I find the setting?

      Thanks i advance.

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      I found the same question here:

      “As the admin wants to keep the shipping fee, then all you have to do is disable the “Shipping” option via WCMp >> Settings >> Payment.”

      I did this, but where can I set the shipping fees for a specific vendor?

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      @Inzaghi, WCMp creates a shipping class for each vendor.

      Hence, you need to edit the Flat Rate under the shipping zones. Here you will see the shipping classes. So just add the rate for each shipping class of the vendors.

      For better understanding please check this video –

      Let us know if you need any further help.

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      Hi Nerdy,

      thanks for the quick reply. The problem with this is if I add the “Flat Rate” for one shipping class, there is a row added for the other shipping classes in the front as well, see screenshot for better understanding.

      How do I add the flat rate only for one shipping class in the front end?

      Thanks in advance.

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      @Inzaghi, can you help me with small information, do you want the vendor to add table rate shipping or will admin carry out this shipping rate?

      We will wait for your reply.

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      Hi Nerdy,
      I actually need that one shipping rate, in this example LavaboLavabelle is set by the vendor.

      The other shipping rate, in this example keramiko, will be set by the admin (me).

      If I set the “Flat Rate” for LavaboLavabelle which has its own shipping class, like you descriped in the video, there is appearing another option for a shipping rate, like seens on the sceenshot, for keramiko. For keramiko there should not appear one if I dont set it like you descriped in the video.

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      Hi @Inzaghi, is “keramiko” a shipping class, which is added by admin?

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      Yes exactly.

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      first a product needs to have it’s own shipping class, only then shipping will be calculated for that product. When a vendor adds a product, we assign their own shipping class to their products. So, you need to let them select the shipping class created by admin, so shipping rate added by admin will be applied.

      To remove vendor’s own shipping class option from the site, add this code to the function.php of the current active theme :

      /* Disable autocreate vendor shipping class */
              add_filter('wcmp_add_vendor_shipping_class', '__return_false');

      Now, in order to let the vendor select admin’s shipping class for their product, add this code to the function.php of the current active theme :

      /* Allow vendors to view/choose admin created shipping classes */
      add_filter('wcmp_allowed_only_vendor_shipping_class', '__return_false');
      add_action('init', 'init_wcmp');
      function init_wcmp(){
         global $WCMp;
         remove_filter('woocommerce_product_options_shipping', array($WCMp->vendor_dashboard, 'wcmp_product_options_shipping'), 5);

      p.s. Our office will be closed due to holidays (4th to 10th Oct). Hence, the response might get delayed.

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      I presume this issue has been resolved, so I am closing this thread.

      If you need any further help, please do open another thread.

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