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Admin emails not sending and Orders not showing up in Vendor Dashboard

Admin emails not sending and Orders not showing up in Vendor Dashboard 2016-12-17T04:29:08+00:00

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  • onyeka.azike
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    Please any help will be much appreciated. I have been battling this issue for days.

    1. I (Admin) get every other email except when someone applies to be a vendor. It worked in the past, but hasn’t worked in the last couple of months. I have verified that the email setting is active but it is still not working. I get other emails, e.g. when the vendor puts in a new order, when an order is placed etc. Also, the email that should be sent to the prospective vendor (that says, your account will be approved by an admin) is also no longer being sent

    2. Vendors can’t see their orders in the front end. Only in the back-end. This is recent as of last week.

    Please help me.


  • WCMp Support
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    @onyeka.azike – Sorry to know about the problems you are facing.

    1. Please ensure that you have enabled the New Vendor Account email. Also, may I know if you have installed any new plugin or update any other existing plugin apart from WooCommerce, WC-Marketplace and other WC-Marketplace related plugin? If yes, then please deactivate that new or existing updated plugin and check if there is still the same issue.

    2. Please help me to understand which backend you are referring i.e, Admin’s or Vendor’s?


  • onyeka.azike
    Post count: 3

    1. New Vendor Account Email is enabled as is Admin New Vendor Account email, but neither is sent. I have isolated the issue to with Admin New Vendor Account email to WC Marketplace. This email is sent if I revert to version 2.4.2 (that’s when checkbox was still on the my account page). In 2.4.4 and above prospective vendor must click on vendor dashboard (which is called Designer Portal on my site http://www.locallycraftedtreasures.com) and then there is a button that says “Apply to be a Vendor” which I believe is from WCMP. No email is sent to the admin to inform that a new vendor is pending nor to the user to tell them to wait for admin approval (there is a small text message letting them know to wait though). This issue persists even when all plugins besides WC, WCMP and my email logger are disabled.

    2. I am referring to the frontend for the vendor aka the the vendor dashboard. It doesn’t show up on vendor dashboard, but it does show up on the vendor backend and the admin backend.

  • onyeka.azike
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    1. How can we achieve the same function that we had before with the checkbox? i.e an easy way for people to sign up as a vendor when they create an account

  • WCMp Admin
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    @onyeka.azike Thank you for your patience, we are almost there.
    Our developer team is currently working on the next update version 2.4.9, expected to be available within this week.

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