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Addon licensing on multisite installation Resolved

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      I am interested in purchasing the stripe marketplace addon due to its instant disbursement. Can you please confirm what the licensing situation is if my WordPress is multisite.

      Do I just need to purchase one license, which is valid for my complete multisite, or do I need the unlimited license option?



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      @chqshaitan, even though you are using multisite, still each single site under multisite is considered as one site. Hence, the number of single sites you have in your multisite environment, you need that number of the license keys.

      Hence you can either select 10 sites license key or unlimited sites license key – https://wc-marketplace.com/product/wcmp-stripe-marketplace/

      Just to keep you posted, Like WooCommerce, WC Marketplace is also not compatible with core concept of multisite. This means, when you install and activate the WC Marketplace plugin, it will be activated on all sites, and there will be an option to create a store, set up products for each site on the multisite, individually. Each store will be independent of the other.

      So, say I have 3 sites in a multisite- Blue, Orange and Purple (with Purple being the main site). When I install and activate WC Marketplace on Purple, it will be activated on Blue and Orange as well. When I add products on Purple, or update some settings the changes will not be reflected on Blue or Orange, by default.

      Let us know if you have any further query.

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      Thanks for clarifying. If I was to purchase a single license and wanted to upgrade, would I just pay the difference, or have to pay the full amount.


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      Hi @chqshaitan, the minimum license key are for 3 sites, hence we don’t have any single site license key.

      Let us know if you have any further query.

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      apologies, I meant 3, instead of 1. So if i wanted to upgrade to unlimited, would I just pay the difference, or the full amount of the unlimited license?

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      @chqshaitan, currently we don’t have the option i.e. upgrading thelicence key by paying the difference.

      Hence, I would request you to purchase the option you need for your site.

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      Hi @chqshaitan,

      We are closing this support thread. If you face this issue again or any other issue, please contact us by opening a new thread.


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