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Add a link on top right menu… Resolved

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      Yoni Lewis

      Hi: I am using your plugin and it is great. I would need to add a link or button, on the top right drop down menu…

      Which file to edit or option? Thks…

    • #90618
      sumit singh

      Hi, use the following filter to add button or link on the top right drop down menu :-

      apply_filters('wcmp_vendor_dashboard_header_right_panel_nav', $panel_nav)
    • #90619
      Yoni Lewis

      Hi: ok great, thks for your awesome support. The only question is, on which file should I add it, and how do I set the link url to other page for that button? Thks!

    • #90657
      sumit singh

      Hi, add the following code in functions.php of your active theme and edit the code according to your requirement :-

      add_filter( 'wcmp_vendor_dashboard_header_right_panel_nav', 'add_button' );
      function add_button($panel_nav) {
      	$panel_nav['demo_page'] = array(
                      'label' => __('click here to go to another page', 'dc-woocommerce-multi-vendor')
                      , 'url' => ''
                      , 'class' => ''
                      , 'capability' => true
                      , 'position' => 40
                      , 'link_target' => '_self'
                      , 'nav_icon' => 'wcmp-font ico-logout-icon'
      	return $panel_nav;	
    • #90658
      Yoni Lewis

      Hi: thks a lot! Your support is awesome, and your plugin is the best!!!

    • #90664
      sumit singh

      Hey @Yoni Lewis, we are happy to help 🙂

      Can you please give us a 5/5 review here- , this would be a great way to share your experience with others.

    • #90898
      Yoni Lewis

      Hi: great review sent!
      I have another question. As you can see, when you are inside wc-marketplace panel, the theme menu and other wordpress contents disappear. How can I do to avoid that and have normal theme menus and contents? Thks…

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      @Yoni Lewis, Our dashboard page is independent of theme, for this, we dequeue the script. So, if you want to add the theme contents, then you have to enqueue them again.

      After that, you have to do further custom code and apply CSS to make sure the page design doesn’t break.

    • #90931
      Yoni Lewis

      Hi: thks a lot for your support and plugin. The feedback was left. Thks again!

    • #90946

      @Yoni Lewis, thanks so much for sharing your review 🙂

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