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      Mikhail Kurmyshkin

      Hello. I am using ACF Pro. According to the documentation, your plugin has compatibility with it.


      If I use simple fields without hierarchical depth (1 level), then it works, although it looks crooked.

      If I group fields or use repeaters it stops working. I can’t add fields to the repeater, it doesn’t respond to the button. When trying to save a product, I get an error:

      Warning: json_decode() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in “PATH_TO_SITE”/wp-content/plugins/wcmp-frontend_product_manager/classes/integrations/class-wcmp-afm-advanced-custom-fields-pro-integration.php on line 61

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      @Mikhail Kurmyshkin, can you please share a video on how to recreate this on our end, so we can help you out.

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      Mikhail Kurmyshkin

      First, about the strange display of the interface. I figured out what was the matter in wp_deregister_style (‘dashicons’). I checked the user and disabled dashicons.min.css for better performance. As it turned out, the vendor did not pass this check and the missing styles disappeared.

      The second part of the problem remains. Even with the default theme, I get an error when saving, and the metadata itself seems to be saved in an unusable form (broken).

      theme: twentynineteen
      Advanced Frontend Manager
      Multivendor Marketplace Solution for WooCommerce – WC Marketplace
      Advanced Custom Fields PRO

      I am creating a group of fields. I add a group to the list of fields and add a text or number field to it. It’s all. I am attaching screenshots. The rest of the field group settings are default.

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      Our team is looking into this. Kindly provide us some time.

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