1 suborder payment failed, Order deleted?

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1 suborder payment failed, Order deleted? Resolved

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      This is a strange one, we had an order that look like it went through successfully, the main Order email was generated, this had items from 3 vendors, so 3 suborders.

      But only 2 transactions actually succeeded, the 3rd one failed (bank returned Do_Not_Honour code via Stripe). All 3 vendors got order email confirmations, but only 2 got ‘transaction successfully completed’ emails.

      We wanted to investigate this further but we cannot find this order in our database.

      Now the 2 vendors that did have a successful transaction cannot see their order in their dashboard to look up details, mark them as shipped etc.

      Does WCMP delete unsuccessful orders e.g. where the payment fails? I can only think that the plugin has deleted the entire order because part of it failed and this is very unusual – usually all payments would have failed, not 1 out of 3? Is this expected behaviour or something that went wrong on our server?

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      hi, @chris sands
      You are using wcmp stripe marketplace. Yes if any failed order present in under parent order then we have deleted all suborder as well as their parent order.

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      Thanks, buy why is the entire order and all suborders deleted when only 1 suborder failed? Now the other two vendors don’t have their order showing in their Dashboard but they have had payment for them.

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      Actually, the suborder is dependent on parent order. So one of the suborders is failed then the parent order will be failed. That’s why we delete the main order to bypass conflict.

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      Hi, Can just the failed suborder not be deleted, rather than the entire Order and all Suborders? This is quite a big issue!

      The only information we have to help vendors on the rest of this order is what emails have been sent out. The customer will be assuming all of their order succeeded because they got an email confirmation specifying this.

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      We have deleted all orders as well as suborders because parent orders have details of each and every order. For example, customers buy 200$ products from vendor a ( 100 ) and vendor b (100). If vendor b’s order failed then the total order amount for parent is 200. But will create one suborder ( $100 ). Then there is huge confusion. and there are also calculation issues.

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      We have not received any update from you for a long. Hope this ticket is already been resolved.

      We are now closing this ticket. Kindly create a new one if you need any further help.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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