Refund Policy

100% No Questions Asked 30-Days Refund Policy

We at WCMp pay utmost importance to our customers’ satisfaction, which is why we realize some of our products may not be what you desire. As such, WCMp provides a 30-days-no-questions-asked refund service. 

What is the 30-days no question asked refund service?

As Per the 30-days-no-questions-asked refund service, any refund requested will be accepted past 30 days of actual purchase. Furthermore, clients requesting the refunds will not be asked reasons for availing this service. However, we would be extremely grateful if you can help us strengthen our product by sharing your complaints and grievances with us.   

How to Request A Refund?

To request a refund, send us an email at  refunds@wc-marketplace.com along with the Order ID.

Things to Remember When Applying for A Refund

  • Any refund requested will be processed within the next 7-days of placing the request.
  • For Indian Clients (only) GST charges will not be refunded.
  • Transaction fee deducted by the payment gateway will not be refunded.
  • If a client acts in bad faith or misuses our product,  his/her refund request would be denied.

Conditions on Which Refund Request Can be Denied 


You can request a refund on any of our paid extensions or add-ons. However, some cases in which the decision of the Sales and Support team is final, refund requests would be refused. These cases include- 

  • An add-on purchased using a discount coupon.
  • Add-ons purchased on Special Offers. 
  • Bundled Packages bought at a reduced price.

Automatic Payments 

In the case, a product is automatically renewed, refund requests cannot be processed. To avoid this issue kindly enable the Cancel Automatic Payments’ option from your Stripe or PayPal account.  

Our services

In conclusion, we view our services as an opportunity to make your digital journey successful and fruitful. While it is our policy to refund our customers if they request it, we work very hard to satisfy them and see a smile on their face. 

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