WCMp Vendor Stock Alert

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A handy add-on to shoot off warning mails to admin and vendors when pre-defined stock-goals are not met.


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Never miss a sale now! This nifty extension shoots off warning mails to the vendor and the admin when stock levels fall below the pre-defined levels (to be set by the admin). This saves you precious time as you or the vendor does not have to manually scan through hundreds of SKUs to find products with low stock level.

Great for Admin

1. Enable/disable low stock and out of stock alerts to vendors.

2. Define the global threshold values(s) for both these alerts.

3. Override the global settings (enable/disable) and threshold values with vendor specific settings and values.

4. Setup (enable/disable) and customize the e-mail notifications for Vendor Stock Alert(s).

Great for Vendors

1. Vendors can define the threshold values for low stock as well out of stock alerts from frontend.

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