WCMp Vendor SEO and Analytics

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A powerful add-on to help the vendors to optimize their product pages for SEO.


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Give your vendors the power of SEO and Google Analytics. Using this add-on will allow a vendor to view Google Analytics tracking data for all its products, as well as set/edit meta-data for its products and shop page. So, all your product pages can now be super optimized for SEO. Also, your vendors can now take (Google Analytics) data-driven decisions rather than tossing a coin.

Google Analytics:

This extension will allow the vendor to get Google Analytics data for his/her own shop and product pages only. The vendor can add his/her own Google Analytics tracking code through the shop settings page, and once done, the GA data will be visible to the vendor in the Google Analytics account.

SEO Settings:

The vendor will have the option of adding shop page meta title, meta keyword, and meta description for the shop page as well as for all products owned by the Vendor.

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