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WCMp Vendor Product Import Export

WCMp Vendor Product Import Export

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WCMp Vendor Product Import Export is now obsolete. However, all its features have now been integrated into Advanced Frontend Manager.

Still using the older version of Frontend Manager?  Upgrade to the latest Advanced Frontend Manager and enjoy exclusive features and premium benefits.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Want to allow your vendors to quickly import products? The WCMp Vendor Product Import Export add-on makes bulk product import a breeze for your vendors. Using this add-on, vendors can add products from the site front-end as well as from backend, if the Admin permits them so. Admin can choose any page or template for this purpose. It will be available through a handy shortcode. It may be used in the Dashboard page or any other page where the admin wants to show this add-on.

Great for Admin:

1. Control bulk product import/export interface for vendors (front-end/back-end) globally.

2. Add Front-end product upload feature on any page with a simple shortcode- [upload_products].

3. Override global settings for import/export interface from vendor profile page.

4. Control product status (pending review/published) for bulk uploads from WCMp Product submission setting panel.

Great for Vendors:

1. Separate interface to import/export simple and variable products.

2. Mapping interface to cross-check the upload field data.


1. As of now, this add on does not support Grouped, External and Virtual product types. 2. There is no provision to do bulk edit via csv upload. 3. Product picker interface to export hand-picked products.


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