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WCMp Paypal Adaptive Gateway

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WCMp Paypal Adaptive Gateway

A robust payment solution for the vendors and customers of your marketplace.

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Product Description

Go hassle free with the payments disbursement to your vendors. WCMp PayPal Adaptive Gateway distributes the payment to the respective vendors as soon as the customer pays for an order.

Product Description:

Are you tired by keeping track of products, orders, payments, reports at the same time and need some helping hand but fear to expose your shop to others? Then don’t worry, WCMp Paypal Adaptive Gateway is here to take care of your responsibility. Divide your work to your vendor staff (or staffs) by adding them to your site and by restricting them to their assigned capabilities.

As an admin:

WCMp Paypal Adaptive GatewayThe responsibility of the admin is just to activate the plugin and rest will be taken care by the vendors.

Great for Vendors:

  1. Vendor can add n number of vendor staff (or staffs).
  1. Vendor can assign all or few of the capabilities to these vendor staff.
  1. These vendor staff and their information will be intact with the super vendor only.
  1. The capabilities that are assigned to the vendor staff, only that will be visible to the su
  1. vendor staff can view only the assigned fields (based on their capabilities) on their dashboard.


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