WCMp Advanced Shipping


A robust add-on to transform your marketplace store into a perfect drop-shipping module.


WCMp Advance Shipping is a WooCommerce/WCMp addon which bridges Table Rate Shipping by Woothemes and WC Marketplace. The plugin allows vendors to create multiple shipping rates based on location, price, weight and item count.

You might find that some of default features available within Table Rate Shipping are disabled while using the WCMp Advance Shipping plugin. This is done to ensure that vendors don’t gain unnecessary access which might compromise the integrity of WC Marketplace. Some of the disabled options include:

  • Admin option for Shipping rate Calculation Type – Calculated rates per shipping class
  • Vendor option for Shipping table rate(s) condition – Item count(same class)
  • Vendor option for Shipping table rate(s) – Break, Abort, Label

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