Want to know what this New 3.8 brought on?

New hope…

And the latest WC Marketplace 3.8 version🥁🥁🥁

Our objectives

  • Commission Model enhancment
  • Vendor Shipping enhancement
  • Review Model enhancemnet

So without further ado, let’s jump into the detailed description of these new features.:

Commission Model enhancment

In this update we have added 3 new commission model 
  • Percentage of the transaction/sale value + a fixed amount per vendor
  • Commission Based on Product Price

  • Commission Based on Product Quantity


Shipping Model enhancment

Shipping is a major part of a marketplace. So, apart from default WooCommerce shipping method, we have added tqo new shipping mode to make vendor’s shipping much easier. These are the following shipping we have added :

  • Shipping by distance

  • Shipping by country

To know more on the settings, please check our doc https://wc-marketplace.com/knowledgebase/shipping/

Vendor Review

  • Product review Sync: Enabling this option will allow vendor’s products review considered as their store review. Thus if a user gives a review for any of the products, the associated store will reflect that review as well. 
  • Review Categories: You may also set different review rating categories for store review as well. Total rating will be auto calculated from an average of all the categories you have chosen. You can add different categories by clicking on (+) button and delete it by clicking on


Along with these major changes WCMp has not forgotten to add simple changes that we are  sure will make your user experience richer. 

So what are you waiting for?? Charge your computer and get started now!!!!

Note: As always the WCMp team is happy to add in new ideas. So don’t feel shy and tell us more about how we can make your experience richer. 

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