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WCMp v3.4 Sneak Peek

  • 3 months of Fizzy Brainstorming!

  • 45 days of Dramatic Execution!

  • 315 hours of Strenuous Coding!

  • 640 mugs of Intoxicating Caffeine!

  • Beer? None! *sniff* *sniff* 😥

And the result? Enhanced, Elaborate and Easier WC-Marketplace 3.4!
What’s in store? Lesser admin intervention as vendors now get equivalent control over their orders!

So what are the Benefits?

If you are a vendor…

Then… You will have total control of the orders placed and decide the course of action against it just as an admin would. You can also generate refunds and communicate with your customers through order notes (and some more WOW! functionality).

Spoiler Alert: A Ledger Book for all your economic transactions is right on the cards!

***What the bleep?!! Why on earth didn’t you do that earlier?***
Believe us!! We are wondering the same!

If you are an admin…

Then… You get to have lesser responsibilities and reduced head aches! Your intervention is no more required for any vendor related orders.

Why should Vendors have all the fun? Here’s a little spoiler for you too.

You can now view your vendor’s commissions simply right on your order page!!

Excited, aren’t you?!

Now, on a very serious note:

Here’s a quickie describing the main features that has been packed with WCMp 3.4

What are you waiting for? Get Involved!

Lay in some of the coolest feature ideas that are up in your sleeves and help us make your WC-Marketplace the trendiest marketplace ever!

Development Status

Since you are an integral part of the WCMp team, why not stay updated with the overall progress of the ongoing development right from the desks of the dev team??!

Get the latest work status right below!

Design 75%
Coding 70%
Frontend 65%
Testing 10%
Documentation 5%

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