WCMp v3.5 Sneak Peek

Throw out your confetti 🎉 🎉 🎉

Bring out some drinks 🍾 🍾 🍾

And shout out loud !!! 😆 😆 😆

Cause the new and improved WC-Marketplace version 3.5 is out and ready to blow your minds 

Our objectives

  • Create an effective communication system that will help strengthen your bonds
  • An introduction to a Third Party integration that will make it easy for you to communicate with the rest of the WordPress community
  • An optimized User Interface and Performance with Vendor List filters
  • And a final titbit for our developers with new API enhancements that will make communicating with other channels better

So that’s it for the objective now let’s move onto that actual part that you have all been waiting for since the last version!!

Unroll a new and exclusive feature list that is sure to make you swoon. 

So let’s see what we’ve got:

A brand new Refund Management System 

The new version of WC-Marketplace comes out bearing some good news for our customers. To cut short the suspense customers can now request refunds on the shop site itself. isn’t that something to look forward to ??

So if customers get to make refund requests what would that mean for admins and vendors? Worry not cause we have got that covered. Vendors and Admin can:

  • They can handle refunds requests from their dashboards 
  • They can view reasons for a refund request 
  • They communicate with their customers over emails 

So the positives being 

  • Hassle-free management system
  • Better communication and interactions
  • A favourable impression as you hear your customers out 

Question and Answers email notifications that let vendors and admins answer customer questions almost instantly

Receive an email whenever a customer asks a question. And that’s not all!! You can know precisely which product the customer is inquiring about, a link in the email will redirect you to the order the customer has questions about. So what do we get 

  • A better and more organised way of handling customer questions
  • Quicker responses
  • Happy customers equal to stronger bonds and a flourishing business. 😀

Announcement notifications to keep vendors posted 

This new feature by WCMp will shoot out emails to vendors as soon as the admin makes an announcement. But that’s for the vendor’s right? What do we have for the admin here? Uhhh..wait!! We have also added a new feature for the Admin where he can send announcements to specific vendors instead of just one of them. Isn’t that cool? Thinking of advantages? Let me tell you at least two:

  • More flexibility on the admin’s side 
  • And immediate notifications on the vendor’s side 

So less time is spent on the vendor’s dashboard but they can still be updated. Now that’s a win-win situation. Do let us know if you feel the same… We’ll be waiting… 

Superior product as admins and vendors correspond over product notes

We imagined what would happen if the vendor’s and admins could communicate while adding a product. The result? Admins can send product notes to vendors explaining why a product was being dismissed by them. Thinking of benefits? 

  • Lesser rejected products
  • Better understanding between admins and vendors 
  • Fewer mistakes meaning fewer edits, in turn, creating better products

An upgraded vendor’s report  with few new additions that can give you a concise comprehensive report on sales, vendors and products 

Oh, this is something that we are sure our admins would appreciate. As the new WCMp reports wouldn’t just be reporting to the admins the fluctuations in sales but also give them a run-down of new vendors joining their sites and well the products being sold on the site. So you get: 

  • A very detailed sales report
  • An overview explaining about sales, newly signed-up vendors and newly added products all-in-one

Buddypress compatibility that helps make communication better

This is a third-party integration that will keep you connected with the rest of the WordPress community 

And last but not the least WCMp additional enhancements that will lead to a seamless workflow 

We aim to let our customers have a seamless and worry-free working experience, which is why we have added some additional enhancements that would help our cause…

These enhancements include:

  • A way of regenerating commission
  • Refund syncing me with Parent order and Suborder
  • Few database query optimisations
  • And finally few additional actions and filters

So what are you waiting for?? Charge your computer and get started now!!!!

Note: As always the WCMp team is happy to add in new ideas. So don’t feel shy and tell us more about how we can make your experience richer. 

COVID-19 Outbreak: WCMp team is supporting business affected by coronavirus

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