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Brief Introduction

Everyone loves surprises and when your customers find you surprising them with something extra, you can bet they will love you more. So, keeping this in mind AFM or Advanced Frontend Manager introduces yet another extraordinary feature called Product Add-ons that is sure to win you some hearts. Using this feature vendors can add extra features to the product with the help of customized fields. They can add media files, a drop-down list, multiple options, and many more. And you know what makes this feature extra appealing is the fact that they can charge a separate amount for every extra feature they add to the list 



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WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

Configuring Product Add-Ons

To delight potential customers with something extra vendors can configure Product Add-on in 3 simple steps. All they need to do is – 

  • Go to the Vendor Dashboard and navigate to the Add Product Link found on the topside dashboard menu. 
  • Once the New Product page loads they can add the required product details needed and then scroll down to the Data Metabox
  • In the Data Metabox, they tap the Add-on Tab. In this tab, they can find the following options 
    • Field Type – Add-on fields are added the same way for both per-product and global add-ons. This panel is found on a new or existing product. To add your first add-on, click the “Add field” button. This will include the following field type list of options – 
      • Multiple choice – This shows a list of options the user can choose from. Display as dropdowns, images, or radio buttons.
      • Customer-defined price – This is a field where users can enter a numerical value that is added to the product price.
      • Quantity – Here users can input a number.
      • Checkboxes – this section is where one can add a checkbox or multiple checkboxes that can be ticked/unticked by a customer.
      • Short text – There are five in-built types. This shows a text field where users can enter either any text; just letters; just numbers; both; or an email address only.
      • Long text –  Shows a text field where users can write multiple lines of text (character limit possible).
      • File upload – Allows users to upload a file.
      • Heading – Add a heading between add-ons to group them into sections.
    • Title – Vendors can add the product name as the title in this field.
    • Add a description –  Vendors can use this field to add more information about the add-on.
    • Required field – By leaving this field empty vendors can prevent products from being added to the cart.
    • Adjust price –  In the case, the vendor wishes to charge an additional amount they can add a numerical value in this field. This will then calculate the price as a flat fee regardless of quantity, per quantity ordered, or, charge a percentage of the base price.
Vendor Add Product
Customer Checkout

Note – To understand more about the Admin’s Product Add-On configuration you can refer to the following document carefully 

With this, we come to the end of this product, hopefully, you can configure Product Add-ons using this description. 

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Last updated on March 24, 2021
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