WCMp Vendor Vacation

Getting Started with the WCMp Vendor Vacation

  1. Download WCMp Vendor Vacation add-on from https://wc-marketplace.com/product/wcmp-vendor-vacation/
  1. Extract the downloaded wcmp-vendor_vacation.zip file to the WordPress plugins folder your hostname/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/


Go to your WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New. Click on Upload Plugin. Browse to the download file location, select the wcmp-vendor_vacation.zip & install the plugin.

3. To activate the plugin on your WooCommerce site go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins -> Click on Activate under WCMp Vendor Vacation.



Note: Remember that the WCMp Vendor Vacation is a paid add-on for WC Marketplace plugin. You need to have WC Marketplace & WooCommerce installed & activated in your WordPress site before using WCMp Vendor Vacation.

You need to have an Activation License (API License Key & API License email) specified in the WCMp License section found at WordPress Dashboard -> WCMp License to use the WCMp Vendor Vacation add-on.

Setting up WCMp Vendor Vacation As an Admin:

For admins there is no additional configuration is required, just activate the add-on and leave it upto your vendors.

Setting up WCMp Vendor Vacation As a Vendor:

To access the WCMp vendor vacation add-on

  1. Login as a vendor.
  1. Go to: Vendor Dashboard -> Store Settings -> Vacation.

3. Select the preferred date(s) from the calendar to display the opening/closing. However, you can select few dates among all or you can select all the dates from the displayed calendar.

4. Restrict and Notify customers:

       4.1. Would you like to avoid any purchase? – Restrict your customers from purchasing your products during your close time.

       4.2. Custom notification for avoid purchase – You can add notification for your customers.

       4.3. “Add to cart” button text – On the product archive page, you can change the text of the “Add to cart” button to your desired text.

       4.4. Custom notification before “Add to cart” button – This option, enables you to add text that will be reflected on the individual product page instead of “Add to cart” button.

     5. Opening/Closing time for all weekdays – This option helps you to set the opening and closing time of your shop on daily basis.

        Please note: The time defined here depends on the base location admin has set on for the site.

    6. Save – Please ensure that you have saved all the changes made on the Vendor Vacation setting.