WCMp Vendor Stock Alert

The stock alert trigger may be set at 2 levels:

  • Global level (all vendors) – This can be set by the admin. Admin can also change the settings for a particular vendor.
  • Local level – This can be set by the vendor(s) themselves.

Note – Permissions set at the local level take priority over the global settings.

How to set the Global permissions for Stock alert

To set the global permissions (for all vendors), go to – Woocommerce > WCMp > Products>Inventory

To enable low stock and/or out of stock alert options, tick the following checkboxes:

You can also set the threshold value, i.e. the value at which the user will be notified 

enable stock alert (admin)


You can also set the threshold value, i.e. the value at which the user will be notified at.

stock limit

How to set vendor specific Stock alert

You can customize Stock Alert options for a specific vendor in the following manner:

Go to – Users > All Users

Select the user and click on “edit”, scroll down to the following, tick the checkboxes and set the values in the same way as above.

vendorspecific stock lert

How to set Stock Alert as a Vendor

A vendor can edit the stock alert options both from the front end as well as the back end. To edit the Stock alert options from the vendor profile at the back end:

Go to – Profile

new img

In case the vendor wants to edit the Stock Alert options from the front end:

Go to – Shop settings > shortcode [shop_settings]


vendor frontend stock alert


How to enable E-mail notifications

You can set and customize the e-mail notifications for Vendor Stock Alert. There are two notifications – Low stock alert and Out of Stock alert.

Go to – Woocommerce > Settings > Emails

Tick the checkbox for vendor Low Stock Alert.

low stock alert email


Same for vendor Out of Stock Alert.

out of stock alrt email


You can also customize the e-mail template as per your needs.

custom mail stock alert 1


custom eamilstock alert 2


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