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One of the most awaiting add that allows vendors to assign and share store responsibilities with other vendors. 

Installation and licensing

To know more about the installation and licensing of WCMp Vendor Staff, please visit our installation and licensing guide.

WCMp Vendor Staff Configuration (By the admin) :

Using this add on, the admin needs to just activate the plugin and the rest will be taken care of by the vendors.

WCMp Vendor Staff Configuration (By the vendor) :

The vendor plays a major role in this add on.

Upon installation, a new tab is added on the left-hand side panel of the vendor’s dashboard, Staff Management.  

Under this tab, you will find two more options – Add Staff and Manage Staff.

A vendor can add any number of vendor staff(or staffs).

The below gif will give you a brief illustration on how a vendor can add staffs from their dashboard.

Reference 1 :Vendor adding their staff

A vendor can also assign multiple capabilities to a staff. For example, managing reports, orders, payments, products(submit/ publish/ edit), coupons(submit/ publish/ edit).

The staffs added will view only their assigned fields (based on the capabilities added by the super vendor) on their dashboard.

The below image will give you a better knowledge of this –

Reference 2: Vendor Staff ‘s dashboard

The super vendor can edit his assigned staff’s capabilities and delete his staffs from “Manage Staff” section.

Reference 3: Vendor’s Staff management

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Last updated on January 11, 2020
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