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Brief introduction 

Ratings and Reviews are an important part of any business.WCMp Ratings and reviews are an invaluable source of feedback. Consumer reviews can help surface issues with products, shed light on new use cases, and helps in product innovations. Let us understand how the WCMp Review system works.


  • Let admins configure the review settings and enable different specifications under review tab.
  • View ratings and reviews given of customers/buyers  by vendors through vendor dashboard. 
  • Let customers rate/give reviews according to admin’s configuration.

Set Review Settings

Review settings of WCMp has different specifications which when enabled by admin will allow customers to give ratings/reviews to vendors accordingly.

Admin Configuration

As an Admin, you can add certain setting to the review system that will enable vendors to receive and view ratings and review from customers. 

You can configure review settings in the following manner:

  • Go to Admin Dashboard and then select the WCMp menu option. Once selected, they can select Settings of WCMp. 
  • On the Settings page, under the General tab, click on the Review tab.  
  • On the Review tab, the following section needs to be configured – Enable Vendor Review – This option lets any customers/buyers to rate/review the vendors they have purchased products from.
  • Review only store users-This option enables only those buyers who have purchased from that particular store to give ratings/reviews to that vendor.
  • Product review sync-This setting allows customers/buyers to give ratings/reviews to a particular product of that vendor they have purchased from.
  • The categories-This setting enables customers/buyers to rate/review for different specifications.One can press the “add (+)” button in categories to add more than one specification and the “subtract (-)” button to delete any specification.

Vendor Reviews Option

Vendors can observe the reviews received for their shop or products from the vendor dashboard itself. All he or she has to do is scroll down to the review widget present on the dashboard. 

Customer/Buyer Ratings:-

Customers would be able to rate and review vendor/products according to the admin’s configuration.

To give ratings/reviews, customers can visit vendors shop pages/websites or the products pages of the product purchased by them.  They can then leave feedback in the form of ratings/reviews. 

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Last updated on November 19, 2021
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